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川普D日75周年演讲: 比武器更强大的是人心(全文)

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Remarks by President Trump on the 75th Commemoration of D-Day


Issued on: June 6, 2019


Normandy American Cemetery


Colleville-sur-Mer, France


THE PRESIDENT: President Macron, Mrs. Macron, and the people of France; to the First Lady of the United States and members of the United States Congress; to distinguished guests, veterans, and my fellow Americans:


We are gathered here on Freedom's Altar. On these shores, on these bluffs, on this day 75 years ago, 10,000 men shed their blood, and thousands sacrificed their lives, for their brothers, for their countries, and for the survival of liberty.


Today, we remember those who fell, and we honor all who fought right here in Normandy. They won back this ground for civilization.


To more than 170 veterans of the Second World War who join us today: You are among the very greatest Americans who will ever live. You're the pride of our nation. You are the glory of our republic. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. (Applause.)

今天加入我们的170多名第二次世界大战的退伍军人:你们是有史以来最伟大的美国人群体之一。你们是我们国家的骄傲。你们是我们共和国的荣耀。我们从心底里感谢你们。 (掌声。)

Here with you are over 60 veterans who landed on D-Day. Our debt to you is everlasting. Today, we express our undying gratitude.


When you were young, these men enlisted their lives in a Great Crusade - one of the greatest of all times. Their mission is the story of an epic battle and the ferocious, eternal struggle between good and evil.


On the 6th of June, 1944, they joined a liberation force of awesome power and breathtaking scale. After months of planning, the Allies had chosen this ancient coastline to mount their campaign to vanquish the wicked tyranny of the Nazi empire from the face of the Earth.


The battle began in the skies above us. In those first tense midnight hours, 1,000 aircraft roared overhead with 17,000 Allied airborne troops preparing to leap into the darkness beyond these trees.


Then came dawn. The enemy who had occupied these heights saw the largest naval armada in the history of the world. Just a few miles offshore were 7,000 vessels bearing 130,000 warriors. They were the citizens of free and independent nations, united by their duty to their compatriots and to millions yet unborn.


There were the British, whose nobility and fortitude saw them through the worst of Dunkirk and the London Blitz. The full violence of Nazi fury was no match for the full grandeur of British pride. Thank you. (Applause.)

那里有英国人,他们的高贵和毅力让他们度过了最糟糕的敦刻尔克战役和伦敦大轰炸。纳粹愤怒的暴力倾泻无法与英国人的骄傲和辉煌相提并论。谢谢。 (掌声。)

There were the Canadians, whose robust sense of honor and loyalty compelled them to take up arms alongside Britain from the very, very beginning.


There were the fighting Poles, the tough Norwegians, and the intrepid Aussies. There were the gallant French commandos, soon to be met by thousands of their brave countrymen ready to write a new chapter in the long history of French valor. (Applause.)

那里还有有战斗的波兰人,坚韧的挪威人和勇敢的澳大利亚人。还有勇敢的法国突击队员。他们很快就遇到数千名勇敢的同胞,他们准备在法国勇敢的悠久历史中谱写新篇章。 (掌声。)

And, finally, there were the Americans. They came from the farms of a vast heartland, the streets of glowing cities, and the forges of mighty industrial towns. Before the war, many had never ventured beyond their own community. Now they had come to offer their lives half a world from home.


This beach, codenamed Omaha, was defended by the Nazis with monstrous firepower, thousands and thousands of mines and spikes driven into the sand, so deeply. It was here that tens of thousands of the Americans came.


The GIs who boarded the landing craft that morning knew that they carried on their shoulders not just the pack of a soldier, but the fate of the world. Colonel George Taylor, whose 16th Infantry Regiment would join in the first wave, was asked: What would happen if the Germans stopped right then and there, cold on the beach - just stopped them? What would happen? This great American replied: "Why, the 18th Infantry is coming in right behind us. The 26th Infantry will come on too. Then there is the 2nd Infantry Division already afloat. And the 9th Division. And the 2nd Armored. And the 3rd Armored. And all the rest. Maybe the 16th won't make it, but someone will."


One of those men in Taylor's 16th Regiment was Army medic Ray Lambert. Ray was only 23, but he had already earned three Purple Hearts and two Silver Stars fighting in North Africa and Sicily, where he and his brother Bill, no longer with us, served side by side.


In the early morning hours, the two brothers stood together on the deck of the USS Henrico, before boarding two separate Higgins landing craft. "If I don't make it," Bill said, "please, please take care of my family." Ray asked his brother to do the same.

在凌晨时分,两兄弟站在亨利科(Henrico)号航空母舰的甲板上,然后登上两艘独立的希金斯(Higgins)登陆艇。 “如果我不成功,” 比尔说,“请,请照顾我们的家人。” 雷问他的兄弟,也请他这样做。

Of the 31 men on Ray's landing craft, only Ray and 6 others made it to the beach. There were only a few of them left. They came to the sector right here below us. "Easy Red" it was called. Again and again, Ray ran back into the water. He dragged out one man after another. He was shot through the arm. His leg was ripped open by shrapnel. His back was broken. He nearly drowned.

在雷的登陆艇上的31名男子中,只有雷和其他6人成功上了海滩。只有少数人最后离开了海滩。他们来到我们下面的这块地方。它被称为 “易红”(容易被血染红)。雷一次又一次地跑回水里。他一个接一个地拖出人。他被击中手臂。他的腿被弹片撕开了。他的背被炸坏了。他几乎淹死了。

He had been on the beach for hours, bleeding and saving lives, when he finally lost consciousness. He woke up the next day on a cot beside another badly wounded soldier. He looked over and saw his brother Bill. They made it. They made it. They made it.


At 98 years old, Ray is here with us today, with his fourth Purple Heart and his third Silver Star from Omaha. (Applause.) Ray, the free world salutes you. (Applause.) Thank you, Ray. (Applause.)

今年98岁的雷今天与我们在一起,带着他的第四个紫心勋章和他的第三个来自奥马哈的银星。 (掌声)雷,自由世界向你致敬。 (掌声)谢谢你,雷。 (掌声。)

Nearly two hours in, unrelenting fire from these bluffs kept the Americans pinned down on the sand now red with our heroes' blood. Then, just a few hundred yards from where I'm standing, a breakthrough came. The battle turned, and with it, history.


Down on the beach, Captain Joe Dawson, the son of a Texas preacher, led Company G through a minefield to a natural fold in the hillside, still here. Just beyond this path to my right, Captain Dawson snuck beneath an enemy machine gun perch and tossed his grenades. Soon, American troops were charging up "Dawson's Draw." What a job he did. What bravery he showed.

在海滩上,德克萨斯州传教士的儿子乔·道森上尉带领G连穿过一个雷区到山边上的自然山坳,就在这里。就在我右边的这条路径之外,道森上尉潜到敌人的机枪下扔出了他的手榴弹。不久,美国军队 开始“道森的抽奖”式的进攻。多么出色的工作! 他展示出何等的勇敢!

Lieutenant Spalding and the men from Company E moved on to crush the enemy strongpoint on the far side of this cemetery, and stop the slaughter on the beach below. Countless more Americans poured out across this ground all over the countryside. They joined fellow American warriors from Utah beach, and Allies from Juno, Sword, and Gold, along with the airborne and the French patriots.


Private First Class Russell Pickett, of the 29th Division's famed 116th Infantry Regiment, had been wounded in the first wave that landed on Omaha Beach. At a hospital in England, Private Pickett vowed to return to battle. "I'm going to return," he said. "I'm going to return."

第29师著名的第116步兵团的三等兵罗素.皮克特在第一波进攻奥马哈海滩中受伤。在英格兰的一家医院,皮克特发誓要重返战场。 “我一定要回来的,” 他说。 “我一定要回来的。”

Six days after D-Day, he rejoined his company. Two thirds had been killed already; many had been wounded, within 15 minutes of the invasion. They'd lost 19 just from small town of Bedford, Virginia, alone. Before long, a grenade left Private Pickett again gravely wounded. So badly wounded. Again, he chose to return. He didn't care; he had to be here.


He was then wounded a third time, and laid unconscious for 12 days. They thought he was gone. They thought he had no chance. Russell Pickett is the last known survivor of the legendary Company A. And, today, believe it or not, he has returned once more to these shores to be with his comrades. Private Pickett, you honor us all with your presence. (Applause.) Tough guy. (Laughter.)

然后他第三次受伤,昏迷了12天。他们以为他走了。他们认为他没有机会了。罗素.皮克特是有传奇色彩的A连的据称最后一位幸存者。而且,不管你信不信,他再次回到这些海岸与他的战友们在一起。皮克特,你以你的存在使我们所有人感到荣耀。 (掌声。)硬汉。 (笑声。)

By the fourth week of August, Paris was liberated. (Applause.) Some who landed here pushed all the way to the center of Germany. Some threw open the gates of Nazi concentration camps to liberate Jews who had suffered the bottomless horrors of the Holocaust. And some warriors fell on other fields of battle, returning to rest on this soil for eternity.

到八月的第四周,巴黎获得了解放。 (掌声)一些在这里登陆的人一路推进到德国的中心。有些人打开了纳粹集中营的大门,解放了遭受大屠杀无底线恐怖的犹太人。有些战士倒在其他战场上,在这片土地上安息,永恒。

Before this place was consecrated to history, the land was owned by a French farmer, a member of the French resistance. These were great people. These were strong and tough people. His terrified wife waited out D-Day in a nearby house, holding tight to their little baby girl. The next day, a soldier appeared. "I'm an American," he said. "I'm here to help." The French woman was overcome with emotion and cried. Days later, she laid flowers on fresh American graves.

在这个地方被奉献给历史之前,这片土地归一位法国农民所有,他是法国抵抗运动的成员。这些都是伟大的人们。这些都是坚强而强硬的人。他害怕的妻子在附近的一所房子里等着D日,紧紧抱着他们的小宝宝女儿。第二天,一名士兵出现了。 “我是美国人,” 他说。“我来帮忙。” 法国女人情绪难以自制,哭了。几天后,她在新鲜的美国坟墓上献花。

Today, her granddaughter, Stefanie, serves as a guide at this cemetery. This week, Stefanie led 92-year-old Marian Wynn of California to see the grave of her brother Don for the very first time.


Marian and Stefanie are both with us today. And we thank you for keeping alive the memories of our precious heroes. Thank you. (Applause.)

玛丽安和斯蒂芬妮今天都和我们在一起。我们感谢你们为我们尊贵的英雄留下了永远活着的美好回忆。谢谢。 (掌声。)

9,388 young Americans rest beneath the white crosses and Stars of David arrayed on these beautiful grounds. Each one has been adopted by a French family that thinks of him as their own. They come from all over France to look after our boys. They kneel. They cry. They pray. They place flowers. And they never forget. Today, America embraces the French people and thanks you for honoring our beloved dead. Thank you. (Applause.) Thank you. Thank you.

9,388名年轻美国人在白色十字架下休息,代表犹太文明的大卫之星或六角星排列在这些美丽的土地上。每个人都被一个认为他归属的法国家庭认领。他们来自法国各地,照顾我们的男孩。他们跪了下来。他们哭了。他们祈祷。他们献上鲜花。他们永远不会忘记。今天,美国拥抱法国人民,并感谢你们尊重我们敬爱的死者。谢谢。 (掌声)谢谢。谢谢。

To all of our friends and partners: Our cherished alliance was forged in the heat of battle, tested in the trials of war, and proven in the blessings of peace. Our bond is unbreakable.


From across the Earth, Americans are drawn to this place as though it were a part of our very soul. We come not only because of what they did here. We come because of who they were.


They were young men with their entire lives before them. They were husbands who said goodbye to their young brides and took their duty as their fate. They were fathers who would never meet their infant sons and daughters because they had a job to do. And with God as their witness, they were going to get it done. They came wave after wave, without question, without hesitation, and without complaint.


More powerful than the strength of American arms was the strength of American hearts.


These men ran through the fires of hell moved by a force no weapon could destroy: the fierce patriotism of a free, proud, and sovereign people. (Applause.) They battled not for control and domination, but for liberty, democracy, and self-rule.

这些人经历了一场地狱之火,被没有武器可以摧毁的力量所驱动 -一个自由,自豪和主权人民的强烈爱国主义。 (掌声)他们战斗不是为了控制和统治,而是为了自由,民主和自治。

They pressed on for love in home and country - the Main Streets, the schoolyards, the churches and neighbors, the families and communities that gave us men such as these.

他们向家里和国家倾注爱 - 在中心街道,校园,教堂和周围邻居,家庭和社区,给予了我们这样的人爱。

They were sustained by the confidence that America can do anything because we are a noble nation, with a virtuous people, praying to a righteous God.


The exceptional might came from a truly exceptional spirit. The abundance of courage came from an abundance of faith. The great deeds of an Army came from the great depths of their love.


As they confronted their fate, the Americans and the Allies placed themselves into the palm of God's hand.


The men behind me will tell you that they are just the lucky ones. As one of them recently put it, "All the heroes are buried here." But we know what these men did. We knew how brave they were. They came here and saved freedom, and then, they went home and showed us all what freedom is all about.

我身后的人会告诉你,他们只是幸运儿。正如其中一位最近所说的那样,“所有的英雄都埋葬在这里。” 但我们知道这些人做了什么。我们知道他们是多么勇敢。他们来到这里并拯救了自由,然后,他们回家向我们展示了自由的全部意义。

The American sons and daughters who saw us to victory were no less extraordinary in peace. They built families. They built industries. They built a national culture that inspired the entire world. In the decades that followed, America defeated communism, secured civil rights, revolutionized science, launched a man to the moon, and then kept on pushing to new frontiers. And, today, America is stronger than ever before. (Applause.)

看到我们取得胜利的美国儿女们在和平中同样不同寻常。他们建立了家庭。他们建立了工业。他们建立了一种激发整个世界的民族文化。在随后的几十年中,美国击败了共产主义,获得了公民权利,使科学有革命化突破,将人类送上了月球,然后继续向新的边界推进。而且,今天,美国比以往任何时候都更强大。 (掌声。)

Seven decades ago, the warriors of D-Day fought a sinister enemy who spoke of a thousand-year empire. In defeating that evil, they left a legacy that will last not only for a thousand years, but for all time - for as long as the soul knows of duty and honor; for as long as freedom keeps its hold on the human heart.


To the men who sit behind me, and to the boys who rest in the field before me, your example will never, ever grow old. (Applause.) Your legend will never tire. Your spirit - brave, unyielding, and true - will never die.

对于坐在我身后的男人,以及在我面前休息的男孩们,你的榜样永远不会变老。 (掌声)你们的传奇永远不会让人厌倦。你们的精神:勇敢、不屈不挠、真实,永不死亡。

The blood that they spilled, the tears that they shed, the lives that they gave, the sacrifice that they made, did not just win a battle. It did not just win a war. Those who fought here won a future for our nation. They won the survival of our civilization. And they showed us the way to love, cherish, and defend our way of life for many centuries to come.


Today, as we stand together upon this sacred Earth, we pledge that our nations will forever be strong and united. We will forever be together. Our people will forever be bold. Our hearts will forever be loyal. And our children, and their children, will forever and always be free.


May God bless our great veterans. May God bless our Allies. May God bless the heroes of D-Day. And may God bless America. Thank you. (Applause.) Thank you very much.

愿上帝保佑我们伟大的退伍军人。愿上帝保佑我们的盟友。愿上帝保佑D日的英雄。愿上帝保佑美国。谢谢。 (掌声)非常感谢你们。



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